Bild på Paw Patrol Flashing Toothbrush for kids

Paw Patrol Flashing Toothbrush for kids

Manual toothbrush with Paw Patrol images. Press the button at the bottom and the toothbrush will blink with different-colored lights for 2 minutes.


Tyvärr, denna vara finns inte i lager. Vi vet ännu inte när varan kommer att vara tillgänglig. Du kan anmäla dig för att få en påminnelse om vi får det på lager.

34 kr
Din fraktkostnad kommer att bli 48 kr om du lägger till denna produkt i korgen.


The 2 minute timer helps give your child a good toothbrushing habit. 2 minutes is recommended to brush your teeth at least so that you have time to reach all the way around, up and down.

The toothbrush is ready to use and includes batteries.

The toothbrush's bristles are soft and gentle on the child's gums.

Can be used by children over 3 years.  

34 kr