Bild på Oral-B Triumph 5000 with 3 brush heads

Oral-B Triumph 5000 with 3 brush heads

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Probably the world's most advanced toothbrush with a lots of ​​setting models. In this package you get:

1) The latest Triumph with 5 cleaning routines (Daily cleaning, D Cleaning, Sensitive, Polish and Massage)
2) 3 brush heads

  • The popular Floss Action head
  • 3D white
  • Sensitive head (soft head)
  • Travel box, to keep the 4 brush heads.

- Triple Action Pressure Control-system
- Improved ergonomics with a slimmer handle
- Acoustic quadrant-hours (professional)
- Advanced LED-display
- More intuitive status icons / status displays
- Reward System with stars - brushing feedback in real time

For further information we refer to www.postmedental.dk and the Facebook group, where many questions have already been answered - www.facebook.com/postmedental

For more on the toothbrush and heads:
- 3D Action. Thanks to the brushhead pulsed
and oscillating movements are brushing very

- Pulsating movements. Inwards and outwards at high speed loosen plaque gently.

- Oscillating movements. Plaque brushed away from side to side

- Pressure Sensor. Guarantees a gentle brushing. The pulsating movement stops if you press too hard.

- Choose from the timer to 2 minutes or professional hours. As sends a signal every 30 seconds after brushing of 1 quadrant (one quarter the area of ​​the brush), and after 2 min.

- FlossAction. With the innovative Micro Pulse brush straw for perfect cleaning between the teeth.

- 3D  White brush head. Has a special polishing property for a surprisingly polishing effect for even whiter teeth.

- Daily cleaning
- Polishing
- Sensitiv
- Massage
- Deep cleaning
- 6 brush heads
- Battery level indicator
- Travel Pouch
- Premium charger (storage of 4 brush heads)
- SmartGuide incl demo
- SmartPlug

1.107 kr