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Oral-B PRO2 2800

Pro2 is Oral-B's new generation of PRO electric toothbrushes. They have an improved battery with a lifespan of up to 2 weeks (before 1 week). With this toothbrush you get 2 programs, as well as 2 heads, so you can get started right away.

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With an Oral-B electric toothbrush, you can remove up to 100% more plaque. The round head cleans better and you get healthier gums. You will experience a cleaner feeling in just 30 days compared to the use of a manual toothbrush.
Pressure sensor ensures that you get notified if you brush too hard. The toothbrush automatically slows down and flashes.

It gently removes spots and stains from your teeth to whiten them.

Oral-B's toothbrush comes with a 2 minute timer, which will let you know when you have brushed for the 2 minute recommended time. Every 30 seconds, a short buzz will tell you that you can proceed to the next area.

This toothbrush has 2 programs: Daily Clean and Gum Care.
To change programs, press the on button.
First press: Daily Clean
Secondary Press: Gum Care
Third press: turns off

A charging stand is provided with space for storing 2 brush heads. 

In addition, there are 2 brush heads, so you can get started right away.
1x CrossAction head - an all-round head, with brush at all angles.
1x Sensi Ultra Thin - gentle on gums

1x charger

983 kr
505 kr