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Gum Flosmate - Floss Handle


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34 kr
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Gum Sunstar Flossmate - Handle for floss

Now it will not get easier to floss. 
This is the end of putting half of your hand in your mouth to floss, or twist in the cheeks so your mouth feels sore, but the best part is that it is the end of twisting the floss around you finger, ending up with a finger in big pain. 
With this fantastic handle you will easily reach the whole mouth, both in the front and all the way in the back. 

- Is it especcially good for people who suffers from arthritis in the hand, since the handle is big and wide, and gives a perfect grib
- For parent who uses floss on their kids, this is now so more easy and hygenic
- Use it with your favorit floss, it is your choice
- Because of the curves in the end, it is now very simpel to reach the back teeth, both in the upper- and lower mouth
- Twist the end of the floss around the button twice, pull it up and place it in the slots, then pull it back down and twist it around the button again. 

Your new best friend is ready in a jiff

34 kr