Bild på Chlorhexidine 300ml 0.2% Original Flavour

Chlorhexidine 300ml 0.2% Original Flavour

Chlorhexidine mouthwash prevents accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, which can cause bad breath, plaque and possibly gum problems.

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NB. With continuous use, tongues, teeth and fillings may become discolored. This is temporary and will disappear when you stop using your it. In some cases, a toothpaste with whitening effect may be a solution. However, avoid eating food and beverages with tannins for one hour after use - this to avoid further discoloration of the teeth.

Do not use this product for more than 1 month unless you have received another message from your dentist. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Keep it away from the reach of children. 

39 kr